Unique Pool Surface Finishes

Every family is different! There are things to consider when choosing your pool surface finishes! Prins Pools wants to make sure you choose the right surface for your new, or renovated, pool.

Pebble Pool Finishes

Pebble pool surface finishes are a plaster surface with pebble aggregate mixed in. The pebbles actually comprise the majority of the surface of the pool, with the obvious advantages. It is the most stain-resistant and most durable surface available. And you can select from many different interesting colors which will produce a myriad of water colors.  The pebbled finish is reminiscent of a mountain stream or lake bed. Pebble surfaces are more costly than traditional plaster. However, in the long run they tend to be more economical to maintain. You can expect a new pebble surface to give you 12 to 20 years of good service. Please feel free to contact us for a presentation in greater detail of the different surfaces and a free no obligation price quote. To add some extra color and pizazz we add a mixed assortment of colored beads and abalone shells to make all kinds of custom color pebble finishes.

Quartz Pool Surface Finishes

A quartz interior pool surface is actually a plaster surface with quartz aggregate mixed in. There are two benefits with quartz. First, quartz is a very hard material. And because a percentage of your pool interior surface is now covered with a hard, non-porous, stain-resistant material – quartz – you have a more stain-resistant, more durable and longer-lasting surface than plaster alone. Second, people like quartz because you can introduce a variety of colors into your pool interior with it. Quartz is priced slightly higher than traditional plaster. You can expect a new quartz surface to give you 10 to 15 years of good service.

Pool Plaster

When you think of pool plaster, you normally think of the smooth, white plaster surface that turns a sparkling blue when filled with water, but there are actually many choices that can be made. We offer many different colors that can be applied with the plaster to your swimming pool surface. Plaster, although not the best, has been, until recently, the most common pool surface. People are familiar with it and it’s the least expensive of pool surfaces. Most traditional plaster is white cement mixed with limestone or marble sand. By its nature, plaster has certain limitations. Its porous surface is the most susceptible to staining and bacteria growth. Because plaster constantly reacts to water, plaster pools “use” more chemicals to maintain a balanced water chemistry and plaster typically does not last as long as other surfaces. A new plaster surface will give 5 to 10 years of good service.

Tile Pool Surface Finishes

Prins Pools is proud to offer and install a variety of tile finishes and colors from the leading tile resources in the industry.

pool surface finishes

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