Luxury Pool Installation Company

There are many reasons a person might consider a luxury swimming pool and spa. It’s important to choose a superior luxury pool company for this process. Whether it’s to increase property value, to add luxury to one’s home or out of necessity, you want peace of mind knowing that you have chosen the right luxury pool company for the job. The decision making process is not always an easy one with so many different types of companies offering luxury pools in San Jose… So how do you decide?

Prins Pool is an industry leader in the field of luxury pools and has been for the past 20 plus years. We have been in business since 1999 and it’s no surprise that our experience and customer service is one of the main reasons we are highly respected in the San Jose community. Our ability to consistently execute each and every job along with our comprehensive pool knowledge is what qualifies us for all your pool and spa remodeling and renovation needs. Please take a look at the different products and services we offer when developing your swimming pool and spa.

Luxury Pool Consultation and Installation Process

A Prins Pools team member will schedule a meeting with you at your home to discuss your pool and backyard ideas.

  • Prins Pools has over 20 plus years of experience with an in depth knowledge of swimming pool and spa remodeling and renovation, local area requirements and restrictions and local county and city codes.
  • Backyard walk through: This is where we will discuss your ideas on updating and changing your pool and spa as well as other changes you might want to make to your backyard.
  • We will ask you several questions about the style and look you are trying to achieve; and we will listen to you and what you want.
  • Review: We will review all of the components of your project and show you a portfolio of photos to help guide you through the remodel and renovation process.


After reviewing your contract and choosing Prins Pools, a final meeting will be scheduled at your home to review the project, get all documents in order and firm up dates to get your project started.

  • Total Design Concept: Every Prins Pool  remodel/renovation is custom designed to fit your lifestyle and backyard ideas. The concept includes the swimming pool and spa, all decking and amenities such as fire pits, barbecues and planting areas.
  • Revisions: Any design changes and/or modifications desired will be noted and can be implemented before the start date or added during the construction.
  • Cost Analysis: Includes all of the construction costs relating to the remodel/renovation. All phases of the swimming pool construction, timing of the project, materials, equipment, and warranties are provided in a cost breakdown and analysis for your review.
  • Once the design and contracts are completed, the necessary permits will be obtained and  your remodel/renovation process will begin.

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