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Do you have a pool in San Jose that has been sitting, untouched for years, and are thinking of removing it?  Did the kids move out?  Are your electrical bills skyrocketing because the pool isn’t solar or you just want to have a nice 75 degree pool?  Maybe you just need a change and would rather have a tennis court where your pool is, or a beautiful lush green backyard.  If you are asking yourself these questions, then maybe it’s time to remove or fill it in.

You may be thinking, “Why do I need a pool contractor to remove my pool?”

Can’t I just buy a bunch of gravel and fill in my old pool myself? Prins Pools in San Jose is a professional pool removal company, and will answer all of these types of questions.

Whether you are planning on removing your pool completely, or filling it in, special permits are required by California state and San Jose city law.  Obtaining these permits can be time consuming and a complete hassle.  That’s why Prins Pools will take care of all of this for you!

There are many ways to remove your pool. Each pool is different and requires different steps.  Whether you have a gunite pool, concrete, or your pool has vinyl liners. What if your pool is made of cement, wood or steel? We are your pool removal solution.

We will go over all the necessary steps with you to ensure you are 100% satisfied. Two of the most common ways to either filling in your pool or removing it is a “Partial Swimming Pool Removal” or “Full in Ground Pool Removal”.  Here are some things to consider when choosing the method right for you.

excavator removing a pool

Partial Pool Removal

 Full Pool Removal

If you are thinking of doing a partial removal of your pool, great! This is the fastest and most affordable methods to removing your pool.  You save on costs because there is less concrete demolition as well as debris removal and hauling. The main disadvantage of this process is the land is deemed “non-buildable”.  So if you were looking to do an expansion on your house or you were trying to sell your house and the potential buyer wanted to build, this is not the process for you.

The main advantage of this process is you can now do whatever you want on your land. Also if you were on the market to sell your home, this process will have less of an impact when it comes down to selling to that potential buyer. The main disadvantage to this process is the cost. This process requires more demolition, time, and hauling away of debris.

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