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Change comes with style! Prins Pools believes you will be very happy utilizing industry leading pool pavers for your new or revamped pool deck. The beauty and unique style of pool pavers, which consists of stone brick and concrete, gives your pool deck the style it deserves and more importantly safety. Not only are pavers more resistant to weather and wear and tear, but there durable non-slip surface will put all of your fears of slipping at ease.

Let’s look at the positives when using Pool Pavers…

  • Non-Slip Surface: It is important for every family to know that they will be safe when enjoying the pool on a nice hot sunny day.
  • Several Patterns and Styles: You have endless options when it comes to design and patterns.
  • Durability: Unlike stamped or unstamped concrete that not only stains with time but can crack, pavers are very durable and can withstand all weather, splashing, salt water and foot traffic.
  • Easy Installation: Unlike concrete where you have to set forms and pour, once grated, pavers are easily placed and set w/or without mortar.
  • Easily Repairable: Unlike concrete, each deck paver that needs to be replaced can be done simply by picking up the damaged one and replacing with the new.
  • Affordability: Not only are pavers backed with a manufacturer’s life time warranty against breaking and cracking, but by choosing pavers, you have chosen the most cost effective style of pool decking money can buy.

Here at Prins Pools in San Jose, we want nothing more than for you to be 100% satisfied. Though we have put the emphasis on pool pavers, this is not your only option. We will gladly accommodate you and your choice of pool decking whether it be…

  • Stamped/un-stamped concrete
  • Tile
  • Flagstone
  • Many other options

We will get the job done and will make your pool deck a dream come true.

View some examples of paver textures to choose from. Obviously, our selection of pool pavers to choose from is much larger.

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